Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kitchen do-over

This week was filled with "things". Every day, some not every day, things.
We are doing a remodel on our kitchen. Let's preface by saying that there isn't anything wrong with our current kitchen, we just want an update. (You know, because we have lived here sooo long ha!)

When we looked at houses in Goodyear, I was 8 months pregnant. My Dr told me that I was getting ready to have the no fly restriction put on me and that I definitely should not drive the 5 hours here because I was "high risk". OK... so we had to find a house ASAP... and hopefully y sweet husbands MONTHS of Internet work with a realtor would pay off. We looked at 8 houses. Bought one. Weeee. I chose the house that said sweet husband liked, but didn't think that I would like too. Turns out, we were both so smart :)

Our house was mostly perfect. We loved the tile and the carpet. We loved the backyard and the pool. We loved the 3 garages (well I wish our main garage was wider) and we even loved the paint color throughout. Score right? What we didn't love was the kitchen materials used. We have upgraded cabinets, but not counters. So, we called and had several estimates and voila, granite installed this week. Our stove and oven was silly. It was separate yet right underneath of each other. Plus our oven was ridiculously hot. If I was cooking at say 450 and opened it. the fire alarms would scream.
So-- we had those cut out and got a fancy schmancy convection all in one stove/oven combo.
We have to do the back splash after this is all done. I like the stone. My hub is wavering between the tiles and stone. We will see. I might change my tune.

While we were on the buying spree we decided we hated our pub height table, so we bought a gorgeous round table. The wood is "supposedly' reconstructed wood out of India. It matches the style of our coffee table. I love that old look. It was delivered Saturday. Yay!

My husband is such the fix it up-- well- generally the hire someone to fix it guy--- so he decided that we needed a door in our main garage that led to the outside too, so we had a guy in here doing that as well. Lots of sawdust and dust and debris all week.  My house is never going to be clean again. HA.

A few photos of the journey so far:

The granite color we chose:
I will post more after all is said and done :)

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  1. What fun updates. It all looks great! Look forward to seeing the whole kitchen when everything's done.