Monday, April 29, 2013

The pill, PMS and baby names

I went off the pill last month or so. Maybe 6 weeks ago. I can't really recall the exact date. I am miserable right now. My poor body is in turmoil. Every other few days I have awful PMS. But my cycle hasn't started back up yet.  You know-- that awful feeling of it is about to happen but it doesn't? Every few days, y'all. It is terrible.

We want to try later this summer or early fall to have another baby. Yay! I am terrified and excited.
I mean, how will I handle another baby? One baby right now is a handful at several points in the day. He is such a curious and active little fella. He wants to run and be outside. He says maybe 10 or so words, but cant communicate with us beyond that, so at some point or points during the day, there is an epic meltdown over what he wants and what we can never get right. A constant battle is tomatoes are not apples. He forgets every time he sees a tomato therefore he wants that tomato/apple and when he cant have it or when I give it to him and he takes a bite-epic meltdown. That is a little example.

Tonight he bucked his head back and knocked the %^&* out of my temple. I sobbed. He didn't know what was wrong. It all started because he brought me cars and wanted on my lap, I let him up. The rest is a mystery. He just bucked that little head back and I saw stars.

He is a sweet boy, but whew he has a little temper at times.

I also worry about being pregnant again. I loved it and hated it. I loved that I could feel him and that I didn't worry that my belly was big. I worried constantly because I was high risk, and they told me that 99% I would be again. Towards the end, I was at the Dr. 3xs every week. I had to quit work the beginning of month 8. It was all just too much.

I am excited because I did love the parts I loved about being pregnant. I am excited for Maddox to be a big brother and for our little family to grow. I have ideas on Pinterest for the next little baby. I am so excited to just hold it in my arms. I miss those days. Can you ever get enough snuggling a new baby? I don't think so.

I have so many names picked out. We have a little girls first name. Olivia. We both love it.
The middle name is up in the air. We know we want to keep the Lee that runs in both of our families, and is both my and my husbands middle name, but that is the only part we are sure of.
We have come up with few ideas since I wanted something other than just Lee for a little girl.

Oliva Analee
Olivia Ashlee
Olivia Emalee or Olivia Emilee
(I also like Aubree and Emerson for girls too, but Olivia is our #1)
For little boys, we are all over the map. I mean ALL over that map.
A few things we have thrown out:
Landry Joel -Middle name after my dad
Emerson (although I like Emerson for a girl too)

Nothing is in stone for a baby boy. My husband is just set on him having a little girl next.

Do you have names picked out if you have a baby or another baby? Do you think about it? Are you the kind of person that would keep the name a secret? I know some folks who have kept their name a secret, and when all is said and done, it was because their baby name was... ahem... odd. My name is odd, so I feel I can get away with saying that. :)

My husband is not a secret keeper. He called both our families THE DAY I took the 9 test! We had names picked out boy or girl- before we even knew what we were having. We found out March 28 that I was pregnant and by May, we had names. We don't doddle LOL.



  1. How exciting! Sorry you're dealing with super sucky PMS right now, though. When we have kids, I will probably be sharing the names right away, as we already have them picked out, and can't imagine changing them regardless of how others feel. Your names are so sweet :)

  2. I've been trying for about a year to become pregnant, so I had a lot of time to think about baby names. We picked our names before we even started trying. We already shared the names with family and I kind of wish that we didn't, because they hate our boy name. Oh well...! :)