Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Frustrated with ... me.

There is a lot on my mind and heart lately. I want to change myself and how I look, but yet I still find myself heading towards the chocolate or the chips or the whatever. I also find myself not doing a damn thing to change. So do I really want to? YES. I guess I have given up on me. That should never be the case. I have got into a pattern of being "just a mom". I dont need to be cute and look cute and dress cute to go to the park or run after my giggling baby. But I do need those things to feel like I am also a woman and a wife.

I long to wear the cute clothes that I pin on Pinterest. On that note, I long to have the closet that I pin too... Sidetracked easily.

I have good intentions. It is putting them into motion that is actually the hard part. I wake up and think about starting the day off with a walk around the block. My son would love that. Then coming home and making a super yummy healthy smoothie and getting ready for the day. Then what happens? I wake up, I get our son, I sit on the couch or floor, look on fb, twitter and pinterest and there goes the start of my good intentions. I make bfast. I debate whether I should make something healthy, drag out the juicer or the blender or just pop some toast in the toaster. I try to make sure my kid eats healthy. I try to balance his diet and he is happy. I rarely let him have more than water or milk. He doesnt have bad foods often. And usually he is happy after a bite or two and moves on.
Lessons learned from a 16 month old?

I pin healthy workouts. I have never done them. I pin healthy shakes. I did drink spinach smoothies for a few days. They were good. Then I got bored with the same taste. I pinned more smoothie recipes, did I try them? No.

I did give up soda. That was a huge battle for me. I have been soda free for over a month now. I still crave it sometimes but for the most part, I am fine without it. Now my husband has been giving up soda too, so that makes it easier on me.

We have every intention of doing Dr. Oz's 3 day detox seen here and then doing another little clense program I saw. We are heading to a moving farmer's market this weekend to stock up.

Wish me luck.


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