Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Garnier Oil Free BB Cream & got2be POWDER'ful

I've been trying new products via bzzagent. It's pretty cool and I must say that I love getting the mail when I know that I have a box coming. Basically, you complete several surveys, and agree to give honest reviews in return for free products or coupons for products.

Recently I tried two things:
I tried Garnier's Oil Free BB Cream. Can I tell you how stinkin excited that I was to get chosen for this campaign? I have wanted to try a BB Cream since last year when they became the new rage. I said rage. That was weird. Anyway... I wanted to try but being the loyal Bare Minerals fan that I am, and the "new mom who doesn't feel like she should potentially waste money on something that she may not like", I didn't treat myself to it. I was over the moon to be chosen. I anxiously awaited my bee box and tried it on right away.

The first picture, I did a half face. The right side of the photo is bare and the left is with the Garnier BB Cream. The second photo, I did full face, added a little lipstick, blush and mascara. The light is weird, sorry about that.

All in all, I am pleased with the Garnier BB Cream, but it will not replace my beloved Bare Minerals. I think that it is a great alternative to use during park playdates and running errands, but for a full face finish, I like a little more coverage.

The second product I tried was got2be POWDER'ful. It is a volumizing powder that you can either sprinkle in your hands or directly on your scalp. I wanted to love this. I was excited. I have fine hair. My hair isn't lush and gorgeous like BOTH of my brothers. I had high hopes and I was let down.
My hair felt goopy even though the package says it wouldn't. It didn't move, it was weather girl hair. if I forgot that I had it in, and flipped my hair or what not, it looked like major bedhead.

For me, this will stay under the sink and maybe get to come out when I have a big event that I am doing an updo for or for themed parties. Otherwise, I will keep my Bumble and Bumble root foam and my trusty backcomb.

Have you tried anything wonderful recently?

Fine print: I did receive both products free from bzzagent.



  1. I read about bzzagent a while back on your blog and became hooked! I got the BB cream as well, but haven't tried it yet. I love going to the mailbox these days! :) Thanks for the tip!

  2. Glad to hear it. I was reffered by a friend and since have told so many ladies about bzzagent. I love it too!