Friday, June 7, 2013

A blog party- 5 on Friday

I am joining the 5 on Friday blog partay!  I like linking up to these fun events, even though I don't do it often. PLUS, then you have something to blog about if you get in a rut :)

My 5 on Friday will be a theme of little people activities we are currently doing.

1.) My little guy is currently playing with an empty paper towel roll. He is talking into it. He is listening to it up to his ear. He is using it as a sword. He is using it as a drum. He is using it as other musical instruments. It has been 15 minutes and mama likes that.

2.) I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up some "silver" platters. I then used chalkboard paint and painted them. I give those to him with a couple pieces of chalk. He will sit in his high chair and color for a little bit. He likes the feel of the chalk... sometimes the taste, so I have to watch him!

3.) Sticker books! I will give him a few stickers...for right now, he doesn't quite get being able to take the stickers off, so I pull them off, and put them on the edge of the paper so he can pick the ones that he wants to play with. This activity doesn't last as long, but it is fun to watch his motor skills in action.

4.) A water table. We just bought Maddox a real water table, but before that, I got a big bowl, added water and a few plastic toys and sat out on the back patio with him and let him go to town. He loves that!

5.) Oddly enough, I can pull out the swiffer, a broom and a dustpan and this child will be entertained. He likes to go all over the house and sweep. He has actually learned when there is a swiffer sheet on or not though, and he wants one. Sometimes I give in--hey, it is like an extra hand with sweeping. Mama can't complain :)

Happy Friday,


  1. Isn't it funny what kids will play with? Who needs toys?! Mine are currently "sword fighting" with pool noodles LOL

  2. It is! Inventive little things! :)

  3. Sounds like your little one is having lots of fun :). A water table especially makes sense with this heat!

  4. I love your lil guy's name, so unique. Hope you're having a great weekend :)

  5. platter: super easy and no worry of breaking like a real chalkboard bc it is so lightweight :)

  6. Having fun with the kids is the best