Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on Friday

Linking up with Darci for Five on Fridays...Let's do this!

1.) It is beyond hot in Phoenix. 120 degrees today y'all. There is nothing to do but either sit in the pool or hide in the house. My little guy doesn't understand that and desperately wants to go out. Maybe after the sun goes down, we can take a quick walk so that he gets his fix. He is such the little outdoors men.

2.) I am watching way too much TV. There are so many shows on that I seem to like. Most of them fall on Monday nights. The Bachelorette. Switched at Birth. The Fosters. Mistresses. I also like Drop Dead Diva and Devious Maids on Sundays. Oh and Catfish on whatever night that is on too. The new season premiered this week. Don't mind me bae, I am in the studio. <--you will get that if you watched!

3.) We are going to the Grand Canyon and Sedona soon. Just a fun little getaway. We are going to take a Pink Jeep Tour--maybe. My husband wants to, and so do I, but we are a bit concerned with little guy. He is old enough, we just have to decide for sure. A few days away is just what the Dr. ordered!

4.) I seem to tweet much more than I am on Facebook these days. Is that the case with you guys too?
Do you follow me? You should. :)

5.) I am hosting a mom to mom open house tomorrow afternoon. There will be 20 women at our house and after seeing my kitchen under black light, I was a scrubbing machine today! Nothing like company to make a house cleaner than clean, am I right?

Happy Friday!

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