Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer things, growing things

This summer seems to already be flying by. Is it just me?

I have had to update my makeup colors already after the 3 days spent in the sun. My BB Cream I had is entirely too light. I had to go back to my beloved Bare Minerals. I love the summer makeup routine.. since my skin gets so brown, I can get by with very little powder/foundation. It is brilliant. Swipe on some gloss and some creamy pink shadow, add a little mascara, and tah-dah. Done.

EXCEPT: Have you noticed that the older you get, the more you NEED to fill your brows in? I had friends in the past who would always fill theirs in, and me, with my naturally dark and thick brows, never did. I always found it to be really dumb honestly. Uhm, I need to now. I see a few white (gasp) hairs and just a little more sparseness then I would like. I am terrified that I will see brown leaking down my face! LOL (<--kinda)

 I also find myself having to use "root-touch up" A LOT too. I have silver at my temples and several all around my scalp and crown.

Oh the joys of getting wiser ;)


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