Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pinterest told me, showed me and made me.

Pinterest... told me to. Pinterest....showed me how to. Pinterest...changed my life.

Whatever you hear, think, know or hate about that site, truth is this: I am forever changed!

Here are a few recent pins that I am gaga over:
Wasn't that great? Don't you want to scream this at the top of your lungs to each person that uses these words in the wrong way??

These graham cracker ice cream bars look to die for. It is supposed to be 109 here today. I should have seen this before 5 minutes ago! The pin said: Healthy Ice Cream Sandwich: Ingredients--graham crackers -cool whip -strawberries Directions 1. Blend cool whip and strawberries 2. Apply a thick coat to gram crackers and make sandwich 3. Freeze, and enjoy!

These champagne glasses filled with fruit and a dollop of cream look so classy. Great for a breakfast or brunch. Little touches make things feel so special. And who doesn't love a champagne flute?

This is one of those must try things. I really will let you know if this works. How yummy!

Going back to a little breakfast or brunch, this is a such a sweet way to dress up old jars.

I basically will never be edgy or cool enough to pull this look off-- but wow. This is HOT. 

This may also be something that I will have to let you know about. According to a pin, it says that applying real coke to your body is the best tanner ever. You get a deep, rich tan that lasts forever. Another reason not to drink the stuff.. am I right?

This cracked me up! Y'all know you have seen these a million times and probably been guilty of several!

Funny. You know it is. Laugh. A little. It's good for you.

For my fellow mamas. This is SO true. Literally a trip to Walmart by myself feels like a mini vacation. Until you have a kid  and get to go alone, you will never fully understand the power.

This photo is so stinkin sweet. I must remember to do this when we have baby #2.
(which isn't yet, so don't go gettin excited)
Pool time. Have a great Saturday!


  1. i made the graham cracker ice cream sandwiches! thx for the idea... kids loved them!!!