Monday, June 17, 2013

Weight Loss

So here it is ... June 2013 and here I am, talking about weight loss. Again. Yet again.
I suck. I am constantly thinking about weight loss. Thinking about being skinny. Thinking of all the cute things I could actually wear. Like all the things I threw out long ago after giving up. I mentally dress people. You know, style them. I pick what they should wear and shouldn't...I helped an older lady at TJ Maxx a few nights ago. We got her all decked out for a trip.

I know what to do. I mean, it is basic common sense right? Don't eat fast food, don't drink soda or sugary drinks, cut out down on junky food, make smart choices at restaurants. Drink lots of water. Eat lots of fresh veggies and fruits, eat lean meats. Cut out sauces. Have 3 main meals and 3 small snacks. I get it. I don't do it. I have 0 willpower and discipline apparently or I wouldn't be in this predicament, am I right?
I was at the Doctor's office this morning and I asked dear ole doc if she could prescribe some weight loss pills that would help kickstart me. I didn't want to take them forever. Basically, I wanted her to say ephedra was a-ok in her book and that I was cool to take it. Well, shocking, but she did not say that. She said NO, NEVER TAKE A DIET PILL. THEY CAN CAUSE STROKE AND HEART ATTACK. No, really, basically like that. She was very assertive and spoke in an all-caps tone. She meant business. OK, doc. She said she likes the South Beach approach and the Paleo approach. She said while they may take more time and planning out, they are lifestyle changes vs a quick fix (like my dear ephedra that worked so well back in the day for me).

Sigh. Defeated, and with a plan, I have been pinning and printing out South Beach recipes. Some people are so creative when it comes to cooking. I thank them. While my husband can eat plain chicken breasts and un-dressed salad for eternity, I cannot. I will cheat. I will refuse. I will cheat. Did I mention I would cheat? I have a semi plan.
I can use these to make the food not seem diet-y. I can feel like I am splurging.

Another huge downfall for me is that I don't exercise like I should. Actually, I rarely do. Today, I started changing that. After lunch when Maddox was sleeping, I went out in the pool and jogged laps. His nap was almost over, but I did make it 20 minutes. And from someone who does nothing, I was proud of that :) NOW to KEEP it UP.

Are you one of those people who struggles?
Are you naturally thin?
Are you one of those breeds that enjoys working out?
Are you one of the strongest willed chicas that resists everything bad?

Off to lick lettuce...


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