Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Menu Planning Woes

Do you menu plan? I try to do this every week. Some time it is a mental plan ... a quick scan of what we have and what i can grab to complete the meal. Other times, it is a lot of Internet searching. A LOT. I try to cook something new at least once per week. Sometimes more. I don't really have a rotation and maybe I should. I scour google, blogs, and pinterest for recipe ideas. Dinner. AGH!

This week, I have done a partial menu and I kind of freak out because the other days aren't accounted for. Am I weird? Maybe.

Monday we had Asian Flank Steak with spring rolls and  rice.
Tuesday we had Tropical Smoothie and Wildflower Bread Co (don't judge)
Wednesday we had tacos. Who doesn't love tacos? Easy. Delicious. I guess a rotation meal.
Thursday we will have chicken yakitori. That is my new recipe to try out.
Friday we will have ________________________
Saturday we will have frozen pizza and salad before heading out on the town
Sunday= Father's Day. We will grill out steak and have caprese salad and cucumbers with rice or potatoes. I might even get fancy and make this Jack Daniel's cake I saw on Pinterest.

Do you guys do menu plans? Do you have rotations that you know you will have? Like in some families, Friday is pizza night. Sunday is a big fancy dinner. Tacos and Spaghetti are my main rotation items I suppose. They are staples and work if nothing else comes together. Though after tonight, I may have to up my poundage of ground beef. Maddox had at least 4 helpings of taco meat, stole his daddy's soft taco and was grubbing on watermelon. Sheesh.

We just had his 18  month check up and he is 34 inches tall and 25.8 pounds. He is tall and lean. Handsome little fella :)


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  1. Sounds like you're doing better than you think you are! I wish we would have a menu plan! I have to admit, if Katie doesn't cook, then it's either cereal or pasta for dinner, and I feel bad about eating junk all the time, which is usually what we live of these days. Hopefully that will change once we have kids and someone to cook for! :)