Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sticky Floors and Dirty Ovens

Do you ever have those times in your week where you look around and wonder what you get done all day? I feel that way. I know that I wipe counters and cabinets, sweep, mop and do laundry, grocery shop, cook and dust, but I swear that if you looked around my house, you would think that I never do. I do all the above, almost daily if not every day aside from the grocery shopping. Sometimes I ask myself why I bother. No one can tell, I think. No one would know. Four dogs and a little boy do not a clean house make. I guess they make a messy home.

This weekend we had a fun birthday party at our friend Sarah's house. Her son turned 3 and they had a big backyard party filled with food, dinosaurs and friends. I like those laid back parties where every one feels they can stay till the lightening bugs come out. We don't have lightening bugs in Phoenix, but you get my drift.

Today was a free summer movie day at one of the local theaters and we attempted to go. Maddox was doing SO well until another little girl kept trying to play and run around. Then he thought that he could do those things too and we had to remove ourselves from the movie. We will try again. And again. He loves the popcorn and candy idea. Me too son, me too! HA.

Oh and if you notice the "tail"... we do put our baby on a leash. It is wonderful and I don't care who judges me. People ask me about it and I tell them just that. He gets his freedom, and I have ahold of him. Holding tiny slippery hands can be hard when they fall to the floor in tantrums. This is much easier. Trust and believe.

OH and also: I was over at Blue Eyed Bride and Mix and Match Mama today and entered to win Sophie Hudson’s book, “A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet.” So many of the bloggers I follow have just raved about her book. I might have to just give in and buy it if I am not one of the lucky winners!

Have a lovely one my lovelies,

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