Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cruising down memory lane

Do you remember clear mascara? I loved clear mascara. I wore it all the time. Mainly because I wasn't allowed to wear makeup and this wasn't really considered makeup, thank goodness.

I also wore Lipsmackers strawberry flavored gloss. Loved the pink. The sparkle. I was pink and sparkly before Victoria's Secret.

I was mildly obsessed with perfumes. I loved Loves, Navy, Exclamation, Vanilla Fields, and Sun, Moon and Stars. So awful LOL.

I had a million of the little circles you tied your shirt up in. I had every color of scrunch sock and scrunchy hair tie.

I was so excited and thought that I was so cool when Herbal Essences came out. It smelled so good and I felt so chic.

I wasn't able to shave my legs till I was in the 7th grade. Why did my mom feel the need to torture me? I have dark hair. My leg hair was dark. It was humiliating. I was able to shave my underarms at 4th grade though. Go figure. Also note that I was such a good kid, I didn't just go ahead and shave my legs anyway. What would have happened? Sheesh.

I had a ton of earrings but only one pair of dangly ones that I wasn't supposed to wear but you know that those were the only ones that I wanted to have on. Drove my mom crazy.

Were you a tight roller? I was. Add scrunch socks and you were awesomely cool.
I never cut slits in my jeans remember, at the bottom to allow for boots?

Speaking of boots, in either 6th or 7th grade, I went through a cowboy phase. I wore wranglers, and boots and cowboy shirts. Don't laugh, it was the cool thing at school.

Then high school came and I then had to have Dr. Marten's. I wore them with jeans and a button down with a sweater over. Prepster. That was the cool thing.

Memory lane is fun... I will have to do this again.

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