Sunday, May 5, 2013

Photo Dump-Life in pictures..with captions ;)

Everyone needs an iPhone photo dump every once in a while right? Right?

This little boy loves fruit. There is a fruit drawer in the bottom of the fridge and he pounds on the door and begs me to get fruit out. Is it sad that I have to sometimes hide fruit because he will take one bite of 3 things then wander away? I was shopping with a friend and Maddox went goo goo ga ga over bananas. Just "ape crazy". 30 seconds later, her son did the same thing--only over McDonald's. Was pretty funny. Here he is outside-- in his diaper-- REDNECK y'all--with an apple and a pear.

Maddox wants to be outside 24 hours a day. I mean really. He wakes up and the first thing he does is run to the door. He will randomly run to the door and ask to go out all throughout the day and especially at night. He takes a ball and puts it under his arm like he is 7 years old and just says "oh please".
My pinterest pillow project (alliteration anyone?!) has been completed. I ended up changing out 3 of the 4 fabrics I already had. Only kept the green pillow. This is our green and orange room.. or 60s/70s room... or Mexican inspired room. I kid. Sort of. There are two Peter Lik photos in this room. One is a bamboo forest and the other is gorgeous orange leaves in October. I had a red pillow and two beige pillows but felt it needed a little oomph. I brought the red in there because there is so much red throughout the house, but it really didn't fit. I was shocked that my hubby liked the loud print. He selected it out of a few choices. He said it reminded him of our honeymoon in Mexico (pause for awwww's). 

Maddox loves to be a helper. He just dies to swiffer when I bring it out... yet another thing that I have to sometimes hide from my kid. I gave it to him without the actual duster on it and little baby Einstein ran over to the cupboard and asked for it. Genius I tell you!

I tweeted this photo to Chobani. It is pretty great. We love our yogurt! Mommy does not like the Chobani BITE in the chocolate/coffee flavor though. YUCK. I let them know that too. You would think those combos would be ahhhmazing, but it tasted chalky. *shudder*

Friday night was a treat night. We went to DQ for some yummy ice cream. My husband wanted a banana split but they were out of bananas (really DQ?) so he got a chocolate shake.. which became the little boys as soon as we got home.

Yesterday afternoon we drove to Estrella Mountain Lake and walked around. We looked at the ducks and little one kept repeating Quack Quack. It was a gorgeous day and a gorgeous way to spend an afternoon together.

Today we are going to take it easy, maybe get in the pool and just chill. We have some leftover peaches from the farm that we froze and a bottle of rum getting very cold in the freezer. Not very Cinco de Mayo of us is it? Well, we are going to a Mexican restaurant for an early dinner so ha :)
BTW: Saw this recipe for a lime margarita on pinterest and want to try!
1 cup crushed ice
1/2 can frozen lime concentrate
4 large scoops of lime sherbet
2-4 shots of tequila
Looks delish right?
Be safe!

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