Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's one can prepare you.

Happy Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are mamas, who want to be mama's and who have been mama's. Happy Mother's Day to you if you adopted your baby, are a nanny to a baby, or are a puppy or pet mama.... You all deserve a big hug, a latte, a glass of vino and a cookie.

Mothering is a hard gig, and nothing and no one can ever prepare you for things that you will face. No one. You can read up on the latest techniques, listen to stories about what worked for so and so, but no one can do a better job than you can with your babies.

Nothing seemed to go right today. My husband tried. My son was not having it. We tried brunch out... we got it boxed up and slammed the champagne and vodka like teenagers as we ran out. We tried to spend the afternoon soaking up rays in the pool. Little boy wasn't having that. He wanted to run up and down the stairs. Slipped and fell after repeatedly asked to stop and redirected to other things. My husband cooked a wonderful dinner at home. Half way through, little guy was done and wanted down. At least we were home, he was able to get down and we were able to finish dinner.
It's moments like those that no one can prepare you for.

My little boy came into the closet with me as I was putting away laundry. He was so sweet and trying to help me. It's moments like those that no one can prepare you for.

We sat at the table while Daddy cooked and he insisted on feeding me pretzels.
It's moments like those that no one can prepare you for.

He is giggling and talking as I am on the computer and begging to play.. so I will go. I will play, and I will be so thankful that he made me a mama. He gave me the best gift and job I could ever hope to have. I am a mama. His mama. And that, my friends, is good.

Just for a look at where we have come.. here is Mother's Day 2012:

Enjoy your time...

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