Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just a short note

It is way to hot already in Phoenix.. yesterday topped off at 106 AND our A/C unit broke! Eek!
Of course it was the bigger of the two units and of course it was the one that controlled all of the bedrooms. It was a pretty fun night in our house! Ha.
Luckily, they were able to fix it first thing today. Thank goodness for a freezer and ice packs. :)

This little fella of mine has decided that 5:30am is his new wake up time. I am not very happy about that. He wakes up and is a little song bird with so much energy. (where does it all come from!?)
He then ordered a movie on demand. Are you serious! You guys, the Cox cable people laughed at me. You know what he ordered? Frankenweenie. A stinkin cartoon! How random!
We now have it password protected....

I tried a pinterest meatball recipe. It had such positive reviews.. We didn't like it at all. Mine are much better and I should have just stuck with those. The dogs had a nice meatball dinner.

Anyway, I am off. So sleepy. We are hoping this little one goes to sleep early and that we can hit the sack by 8 ;-)

A mama can dream right?


  1. I agree. Way too hot here! So glad your air got fixed quickly :)

  2. I think i saw you at playgrounds a few weeks ago!!!! i recognized you from the blog!!! I was going to say hi but wasnt 100% sure if it was you! DO you ever go there. What a small world!! PS- My hubby owns an AC company if you ever need more help!!!

  3. playgrounds fun zone? We were there a few weeks ago with another friend and her son. :)
    it was my first time there and little boy just doesnt like to venture far from mama yet so those places are few and far between! we usally stick to parks lol.
    Who knows: might have been him we used-- we used a small company :)

  4. yes playgrounds fun zone!!! How funny! I like parks too! They are alot cheaper;)