Friday, May 3, 2013

Kitchen remodel and pinterest inspiration

Most of the kitchen is complete. We have no water and I cant use the kitchen till tomorrow some time but the granite is in!

We loved the outcome. The colors were well suited for our home. I mean, seeing it outside the house or seeing a sample or a slab at a yard does not really tell you how it will look all put together, Can I get an amen? There are a few bits of sparkle sprinkled around, so that pleases me. :)

Here is a shot with our new dining table too. It is made from reconstructed wood out of India so it is supposed to look a little beat up ;) It is a 6 seater and we hope to love it for many many years.

Me and little boy had to leave half way through the installation because we were high as kites from all of the glue fumes. Wow. They should really warn you about that. Since it was 100 degrees out in the middle of the afternoon, I opted for a s little shopping trip to Joanne's. Why not?

I have recreated 4 of these pillows I found on pinterest. I love them and they have made a big impact on my front room couch! I love that I can change out the fabric when I want to or change it for different seasons. I have decided that I need to add a little something else. I have a green pillow, a red polka dot and two beige. I think that I want to have all different patterns... which led me to this for one of the options:

I didn't get it yet-- I got the goldish one you can barely see in the background, but I am really loving this fun print. What do you guys think? (Our home is all warm colors with accents of reds, greens, oranges ect)  I am super excited about making some more of these pillows. I already had the pillows and used a 50% off coupon so the fabric was only $5. That is reason alone for a makeover :)
My tip for these pillows, is to use a few safety pins to secure before tying your knot.

Off to pinterest I go. I am a junkie.


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