Friday, July 12, 2013

5 on Friday

Linking up for 5 on Friday. Possibly my favorite post per week :)

1.) Our first day to the Grand Canyon started out bumpy with the dog hotel being 45 minutes late to open, but after getting there and hiking to this, we forgot all about it and just took in the gorgeous scenery.

2.) We stayed in the cutest little hotel in Sedona. It was a Hyatt, but you could purchase the rooms as time shares or rent it like a hotel. view from our balcony was breathtaking. After Maddox would go to sleep, my sweet husband and I would star gaze and make wishes on the shooting stars. A bottle of red and some chocolate from the bakery up the street was icing on the cake.

3.) We took a Pink Jeep Tour to the tops of the canyons and had SO much fun! We can't wait to go on another tour on our next visit!  They have several different ones and I want to do them all!
It was rough terrain even though we were on a mild tour. Maddox fells asleep the first hour, but woke up for the hour ride home.

4.) We spent the Fourth with friends at a backyard BBQ. How funny is this picture? Can you just see them all in 14 years? I can and it scares me already!

5.) I have been sick and not eating much this week, but have been devouring the eye candy on Pinterest. Here are just a couple of the yummy things.

Happy Friday,

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