Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dancing, Menu updates, and the Museum

Some girls and I take a line dancing class on Mondays. It is so much fun! I love going. We don't get to go every week, but we are trying to go 2 times per month. I have decided that I need to invest in a pair of cowboy boots. I used to have them "back in the day" but long since have gotten rid of them. The heel/wedges I wore seriously kicked my butt. How on earth did I wear them hours on end before having Maddox?

While there, a friend asked if we wanted to meet her Tuesday at the Children's Museum. We have never gone, and I was a little hesitant because I didn't know if it would all be too old for Maddox and a waste of money. We went though and I was thrilled. Every single thing was aimed for little people. They could touch and play with everything. It was adorable and he had the best time. I really cannot wait to go back.
He loved the trike car wash area. He is learning to push himself. He was such a speed racer in his walker, but a ride toy is not as easy for him. He saw the older kids with helmets, and went and got one for himself. I was so proud. He loved the grocery store and weighing the beans they have, he loved putting his groceries on the belt at the check stand. He was an awesome chef in the kitchen. He made soups and pizzas like a champ. I really was so impressed. He was so amped up that he only took a short nap in the car and then went to bed at 6:30pm til 7:30 the next morning!

We had a fun little playdate at our friend Fin's house this morning. He has a chicken coop in the backyard and the kids all thought that was the coolest.

Oh-and here is a quick update on the menus so far this week.

I made the Skinny Eggplant Panini with Pesto ... turns out my husband did not care for the pesto so that meal was not a winner or keeper for us and this one for the next day, Grilled Pesto Chicken and Tomato Kebabs , was not happening. Sidenote: that pesto in the bullet and my blender both seemed to take a long time!

So last night we had chili and since the hub is sick, I had leftover chili tonight too and he had some spicy Korean soup. Little guy is not eating too much right now, but he had some chicken nuggets, cheese and yogurt on his plate... hey, I tried....



  1. I always wanted to go line dancing, sounds fun!
    Maddox is getting so big...he is super cute!
    Hope your husband feels better soon!

  2. It is a blast! You should def. make a point to go :)
    Thanks so much for your comments :) I appreciate them!