Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday

FIVE on Friday!

1.) I bought not one but two glittery nail polishes the other night on a random alone trip to target. Part
of me thinks that I am entirely too old to wear glitter nail polish but the other part says I can sparkle if I wanna sparkle.

2.) My favorite commercial is the Geico commercial with the camel. Tell me what day it is. Tell me. what. day. it. is. HUMP DAY! LOL I get it in my head every time I see and proceed to say it for the next hour. Annoying? Very.

3.) My son is a baseball maniac. Really. He just goes to town. My husband is thrilled that he is batting left handed. He uses any and everything for bats if his tiny bats are.. "lost".

4.) I just finished a book series about the "Barboza Brothers" by Reeni Austin. I have decided that I basically love young adult romance novels. My kindle is filled with them. I am lame.

5.) I am digging Sheryl Crow's new song. I am glad she came back to country.

See you soon,

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