Saturday, July 27, 2013

Clean with magic powers

Cleaning with 4 dogs and a toddler can be much like eating oreos while brushing your teeth.

The offenders:


Some things that I have found that work and help me cut my cleaning time are the 360 degree mop, a scrub brush with a magic potion, white vinegar and Clorox wipes.

We recently purchased the 360 degree mop and love it. It really takes the place of my Swiffer and my mop. No, I was not compensated in any way to say that. I just really like it.
You can wash the heads and reuse them. I use one for dry sweeping and one for mopping-- oh and you use have to use hot water! No chemicals needed and my floor feels clean. Not grimey or residue-y.

The next thing that I use a lot and love is a dish wand with half blue dawn and half white vinegar. It is fabulous for scrubbing tubs and sinks. Works like charm and you don't have to get your hands filled with loads of chemicals either. I store it in a big plastic cup under the sink. That catches any drips and also is great for rinsing after you wash.

I use white vinegar all of the time in cleaning. My husband could do with out the smell, but I love the cleaning power and the natural element. It is great to deodorize, add it to hot water for a homemade floor solution, wipe your counters. You name it.

Also really helpful to keep around are the Clorox wipes. My husband swears by these. He is forever using them on everything. I enjoy them too. Don't tell Clorox but we buy the store brand too. Depends what is on sale or what I might have coupon for. Easy peasy.

There you have it. Those are my favorite cleaning secret powers. In order to have a really clean house, I would have clean 987 times a day.. so I settle for a semi clean house ;)


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