Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday shopping

Today has been a nice family day. Of shopping. Does that count as a family day?

We started off returning some thing at Ross that I didn't want and then ended up at the Once Upon a Child store near that. It is a used store with clothes, toys, and other kid gadgets. Their clearance was all $1 today. Seriously ONE dollar. We found some really good buys. I mean as with anything second hand, you might have to look for nice things, but when you find them, scoop them up and brag later on. A few of the things we found were brand new with tags still on... example a pair of Ralph Lauren shorts that were originally $30. The store had them marked to $10, and we got them for a buck. SCORE.

Next we had lunch at the mall and then headed to Yankee Candle. On the way there, a balloon artist was set up taking donations. Maddox LOVES balloons. So much. He chose a sword and within 10 minutes had popped the whole thing.

Back to Yankee...I love the soft blanket smell for Maddox's room, so I got a few tarts and was entered into a raffle. It was just me and one other lady. She won. I have the worst luck. Ever. :)
Then we made our way to Bath & Body Works and scored a few wall flowers and candles. uh the 3 wick candles were on sale for $12. I may be going back. The husband thinks that is still a lot for candles, but as we know, a good candle is worth every penny. Why get a cheap candle that you cant even smell??
Can you tell what the mall trip was for? LOL.

Next was Hobby Lobby. I had purchased a toy chest shelf unit for Maddox's room and a stool yesterday. Both were steals. The toy shelf was originally $240, and I got it for $48 and the stool was $50, and I got it for $10. However, the stool didn't go where I wanted it to so we returned that and browsed. We picked up a distressed mirror for the hallway, we will see if that fits later tonight.

Topped it off with a Frappuccino and Redbox visit.

Good day to be had by all.



  1. Sounds like a great day! We had to run errands as well, but I love doing it. I LOVE Hobby Lobby!
    I have to remember that Once Upon a Child Store for when we have kids, sounds like a great deal!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Hobby Lobby is fun :) It amazes me that they are decking the halls for Christmas already though!
    At first I never thought that we would buy anything second hand for our son... then we got over it. Might as well now while he is playing in mud at the park and we can vs when he is 13 and wants only name brands and his trip to the mall costs is $400. :)