Tuesday, July 23, 2013


National Hotdog Day made an appearance at our lunch table today. Little boy does not eat hotdogs. Maybe that is good. Maybe he will grow into them. Who knows. My husband pulled out my homemade pickles. We all had some. The jar is gone. Replenish ASAP.

Dinner was done via crockpot. One of my all time favorite comfort foods. Maybe I subconsciously needed comfort? Roast with potatoes and carrots. Yum. I just add the roast, 2 bay leaves, a packet of dry onion soup mix and my carrots and potatoes. Cover with water and wait till 5pm. Moist and flavorful, I tell ya!

My mounds of laundry are becoming smaller. I have done a few loads today. Doing them isn't bad, it is the putting away that I dread. Same with dishwashers. I don't mind putting the dishes in, it is taking them out and putting them away. Actually, I tend to go ahead and hand wash more than not. Who am I? The younger me would have never....

We have a playdate at 8:30am. Oh good grief. That is so stinkin early. It is a "bubble playdate" so likely it is outside and that is why, but that is so early to be out of the house dressed and smelling fresh.

My bzz kit with Special K Nourish arrived today. I will let you know my honest thoughts soon. I am pretty excited to try them out. They sent three oatmeal's and 2 bars to try. Yummo.

Later lovelies,

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